Day 114: 1400 Miles

Lots happened today. I’ll start with the good stuff. We passed the 1400 mile mark, and we are less than 800 miles from Katahdin. We walked through Bear Mountain Recreation Area, with views of Manhattan. There is a zoo in the park that the trail walks through and we passed the lowest point on the AT at 177 feet elevation. Now for the bad part of the day: I fell. Hard. Downhill. A rocky downhill. I banged up my knee, shoulder, hand and face. Fortunately the worst part was my hand, so not a hike ending injury. We decided to go into town so I can ice everything down. Still had to walk 7 miles after falling, so I didn’t enjoy the day as much as I’d like but I’m glad I didn’t break any bones. We’re in a pretty nice hotel room so that is uplifting. I might be using one trekking pole for a few days though.