Day 128: Never Trust a SOBO

We’ve been running into a lot of Southbounders lately (aka SOBOs), which is pretty neat. Coming from the opposite direction gives them a different perspective-and NOBOs have been kidding around that they give us false information to mess with us. Today we were hiking 18 miles into town to resupply at a Stop & Shop, and a SOBO told me it had closed down awhile ago, but we could resupply at a Price Chopper. We got to town to find the Stop & Shop very much open, and no Price Chopper around at all! However, he did give me some good info: there was a Papa John’s that gives half off to hikers! We ate pizza dinner, resupplied and hiked another 1.6 to camp. 21 miles today, less than 600 from Katahdin now, and Vermont tomorrow. Today we also went over Graylock Mountain, the highest peak in Massachusetts, and our first time over 3,000 feet in at least several states.