Days 143-146: Mount Washington Valley

What an awesome time we’ve had the past few days in Silver Lake, New Hampshire. On Friday, my Dad and his friend Johnny picked us up in Hanover and took us to Johnny’s cabin, a summer home built in the late 1800s that has been in his wife’s family for several generations. Aside from plenty of relaxing in the hammock on the huge porch overlooking the property, we also went kayaking and canoeing, saw live music three nights in a row, visited a local brewery and a local distillery, and took naps with the dog Tucker. Dad went home on Sunday, but Johnny generously let us stay a couple extra days so I can rest my knee more. Four full zero days were awesome for my knee. I’m not 100%, but I’d say I’m in the 90’s and feeling good about getting back on the trail. We are excited to get into the White Mountains and start making forward progress again. Thank you Johnny for your amazing hospitality and letting us stick around a couple of extra days to rest up. Back to the trail tomorrow!