Day 174: An Unplanned 20

Well, it was supposed to be a thunderstorm last night and it was supposed to rain all day today. Neither of those things happened. We got a few sprinkles in the night and some crazy humidity, but fortunately no rain today. Our plan was to go 17.5 miles and find some spots near a lake. Thinking the trail followed the lake for awhile, we missed our last chance to get water and decided to push on. We passed four dry streams before we gave up and decided we could just make it work with what we had left. We planned a short 4.5 miles into town tomorrow, but after hiking 21.6 miles today we are now only 0.3 from the road. We are tired, but happy that we have a super short day tomorrow. Monson will be our last full resupply, as we are now at the edge of the Hundred Mile Wilderness.