Day 6: Warner Springs

We had only eight miles to hike today to get to Warner Springs, where we had a box waiting for us at the Post Office. We hiked mostly through meadows, with a stop at the iconic Eagle Rock. We made it to Warner Springs by 10:30. The community center here provides shampoo, body wash, laundry soap, and five gallon buckets, plus two outdoor stalls. They allow hikers to camp here, provide many charging stations, towels, and spare clothing, all for donations. There is also a mini gear shop set up outside in an airstream trailer, and folks stop by to offer rides to the PO our the town’s only restaurant or mini Mart. The hiker box here is huge, and we got everything we need to repair our feet without having to go to the store (We did hit the restaurant though). Being a cloudy and cool day, the bucket showers were invigorating. Doing laundry was awesome, it will be nice to have clean socks again. There are lots of people here tonight, so we’ve had more socializing than the past few nights. It’s nice to get to know more fellow hikers.