Day 72: Lakes and Flowers

Northern California did not disappoint today. Great views to Shasta and the Trinity Alps Wilderness, dozens of lakes, tons of wildflowers. We walked 15 miles by lunchtime, and stopped for a swim in the upper Deadfall Lake. We only hit one snow hill despite being over 7,000 feet. Looks like the snowline has gone up about 500 feet or so in the last week or two.

We chatted with quite a few other hikers through the afternoon- some headed south, some out for the weekend, some going north. We planned to camp near a spring after 28 miles but there was no room to camp, so we pushed on another 2.2. It turned out to be worth it, we’ve got a nice site on a saddle with views to both sides. We hiked 30.8 miles today. Feeling tired but feeling good.