Day 87: Crater Lake

If we thought the mosquitos couldn’t be worse than yesterday, we were wrong. We could hear them buzzing outside the tent before we even opened our eyes.

We had a little over six miles to hike to get to Mazama Village, which has a general store, restaurant, campground and showers. We made it there by 9am. We ate a big breakfast, showered, got some resupplies, and got a ride up to the rim to see the lake. We returned to Mazama Village and stuck around until 3 while we charged our devices and socialized with other hikers.

We returned to the trail and found it mostly easy going, with the occasional obstacle course across the trail but nothing like yesterday. We hiked another 13 miles to camp at the last water for 20 miles. After that source we have another 16 mile stretch. We didn’t expect Oregon to be so dry.