Day 106: Huckleberries, Strawberries, and Mount Adams

It was cold and windy all night as well as this morning. It stayed chilly until the sun was pretty high in the sky. It definitely feels like we’re getting up North. The days are slowly getting shorter.

It was huckleberry heaven today. We passed them literally all day long. Aside from all the grazing we even filled up a peanut butter jar to eat at camp. We also found strawberries today. Tiny, delicious strawberries.

Most of our friends left Portland a day or two before we did, so we’ve been hiking alone. Today we finally saw some other Nobos, and one was Strider. We hiked together a few miles, then he went into town for resupply while we hiked on a few more miles.

We spent most of the afternoon climbing as we approach Mt Adams. Finally in the afternoon we started to get some good views, not just of Adams but also Hood and St Helens. We got to our planned destination and decided to push on one more mile so we could camp at a meanie with views of the mountains. It was worth it. 30.3 miles today.