Day 111: Where did Everybody Go?

Aside from one southbounder today, we saw no other hikers on the trail. We know we’ve got friends about a day ahead of us, and there were plenty of hikers back at White Pass but we haven’t seen any of them since we left. There past few days there have been times of section hikers, but now on a Tuesday they are all gone too. We did see some volunteer trail workers though, and stopped to chat with them for a bit.
Due to water placement today, we decided to have a 30 mile day. It was warmer this morning than it has been lately which made it easier to get up and out pretty early. We were in a haze all day as we left one fire behind and approached another one farther North. The ups and downs are getting a little steeper up here, so the miles come a bit slower than back in Oregon. Nevertheless, we made it to camp tonight before 7, something we haven’t done all week. My feet are really sore tonight, I think my shoes are pretty spent. Good thing I’ve got a new pair waiting for me about 5 days ahead!