Day 119: Clear Skies

Today was a big day over some of the worst trail we’ve had yet. Aside from the 2 huge climbs we did, the trail was eroded, washed out, and covered with many fallen trees. Fortunately the haze from yesterday lifted and we were rewarded with great views as we circled around the West side of Glacier Peak.
After crossing a couple creeks in the morning, the trail climbed for nearly ten miles. We stopped for an early lunch at Mica Lake and took a dip. The water was unbelievably blue. From there we had a long descent, with a view to the trail switching back up the ridge on the other side. We crossed another creek and climbed for several miles and a couple thousand feet to timberline before dropping once more for several miles and a couple thousand feet. We managed to walk for 27 miles and made it to camp shortly before 7, so we’re feeling pretty accomplished and a little sore.