Day 124: Smoke

After clear skies and great views yesterday, we woke up today in a terrible haze, with some of the worst air quality we’ve had yet. We passed Hart’s Pass in the morning and learned from the ranger the fire is still quite far from the PCT, so aside from the smoke we shouldn’t have problems getting to the border and back. It was a long day today, everyone feeling a little naseous from the smoke but pushing on. We ran into many old acquaintances today- people finishing the trail, people who flipped up from Oregon to head South and give some of the fires there time to clear, people headed back to the Sierra like us. We saw one guy today we meet on day 3 and haven’t seen since day 5. I imagine we’ll be seeing lots of faces tomorrow when we turn around and head South. We are 11 miles from the border after hiking a 25 mile day today. Paul and I overshot our campsite by about half a mile tonight. When we realized it, we were facing 4 more miles to another camp spot, so we turned around and headed back. Not a great way to end the day, but we had fun at camp with our friends to make up for it.