Day 125: Canada!

Today was a rough day for me. I was sick in the night and got very little sleep. I was still feeling nauseous and achy in the morning and wanted nothing more than to just stay in bed all day. We slowly made our way down to the border, 11 miles from camp. It was still very smokey and the winds continued to blow the fire in the direction in the trail. We made it down to the border a little before noon and celebrated with our friends, who continued into Canada while we turned around to return to Hart’s Pass. I had little appetite but managed to eat a few snacks to keep me going for the long uphill back. We made it another 17 miles before dark. For dinner I drank the broth from the ramen Paul was eating and went straight to bed. The border was fun, but this was definitely the worst day of hiking I’ve ever had. Glad to be getting back to civilization.