CDT Day 1

We got up early this morning and Dion drove us down the long bumpy road to the Crazy Cook monument. We took the obligatory monument photos and were hiking shortly after 8 am.

It was a beautiful morning and we had decent cloud cover for most of the day. We took a fairly relaxed pace with plans to go to the first water cache 14.9 miles in. We got there around 3 and decided to cook our dinner and eat it then before hiking on a couple extra miles. After a long break, we hit the trail again just as it started to sprinkle on us.

Although we were under a cloud, the sun was low enough to still shine on is. At the same time the rain was cold and the wind was blowing hard. After a few minutes it passed. It fit my memories of the weather in New Mexico.

The day got progressively windier, and the terrain was flat all afternoon. We eventually found a decent sized tree to set up under with hope for at least a little wind break. The dust is blowing like crazy out here. I don’t remember the inside of the tent ever getting this dusty on the PCT. There’s no choice but to embrace it.

We walked about 17 miles today, with plenty of time to rest in the evening. It was a pretty good day.