CDT Days 55-56: Leadville to Silverthorne

Day 55: 24 Miles

This morning Tim dropped us off early back at the trail, and after being indoors for 2 days, our bodies were not used to the cold 30 degree morning.

As usual for a day coming out of town there was a lot of uphill. We were up later than usual last night, so we were both feeling a little sluggish all day long, but we did appreciate the wildflowers and the great views we get when we’re up high.

In the afternoon we walked through Copper Mountain ski area, and turned onto the Silverthorne alternate. We crossed under I-70 and climbed again, up to a lake where we could set up camp.

Day 56: 18 Miles

Today was another day that just felt sluggish. Perhaps it was the steep ups and downs, perhaps the altitude, perhaps the many fallen trees we had to climb over, but we were moving slower than usual.

We climbed over two high mountain passes before dropping 3,000 feet into Silverthorne. The closer we got to town the more day hikers we passed. It was crowded out there today!

We made it to town in late afternoon and decided to stay the night at a hotel located right on the “trail” as it follows the road out of town. There is a brewery right next door so we stopped in for a couple beers as well.