CDT Days 86-87: Idaho/Montana

Day 86: 29 Miles

We slept well last night, but it was a damp morning this morning. It was wet feet yet again as we set out toward the border. Before long we crossed into Idaho!

As we got closer to the border of Yellowstone, the trail got more and more neglected. CDT hikers might be the only ones who come out here. It wasn’t too terrible though, especially considering some of the terrain we’ve been through thus far. Once in Idaho we were mostly on dirt roads.

It was a little boring but easy travelling. Despite the wet feet this morning, we’ve moved into much drier terrain. The water carries are longer, but the mosquitos are far fewer, and it’s such a relief! In the evening we hit the Montana/Idaho border, and are officially camped in Montana.

3 states in one day! We actually follow the Idaho/Montana border for a couple hundred miles before we turn North into Montana for good.

Day 87: 13 Miles

Today was a town day, which means we got up early and got the miles in quickly, lured by the thoughts of hot food and a shower. We made it to the road before 11am, and got a hitch into town before noon.

West Yellowstone is a very touristy town (aka expensive) and turned into a bit of an odyssey.

We had a very hard time finding a reasonably priced hotel room, and the cheapest hotel in town has an owner who doesn’t seem to care whether you stay or not (in other words she was very rude). We sucked it up and the 4 of us (Enigma, Flyfish, Piñata and I) split a double room for the night. Showers, laundry, groceries, and other chores aside, we finally got to relax a little in the evening. It rained several times today, making it a great day to be in town.