CDT Days 110-112: Rainy Days in/out of Helena

Day 110: 32 Miles

Today was a pretty good day. The morning was foggy and moist.

We alternated between ATV roads and trail, forest and grassy meadows. We accidentally took an alternate but it turned out to be on some pretty nice trail. We had a hard time finding a good spot to camp, but eventually the trail crossed an abandoned road that was flat enough to set up camp.

We can feel the days getting shorter and the nights getting cooler. Summer is quickly coming to a close up here.

Day 111: 10 Miles

It rained a little in the night last night, though it was gentle and seemed short. We got up early in the morning, eager to make it to town. It was chilly out and before long it started to rain. We felt like we were on the AT, walking through the mist and fog and wet roots and rocks.

Eventually we were soaked down to our feet, and we walked fast so we could get to town.

We made it to Helena by 10:00 am. After some coffee and hot breakfast, we were feeling much better but our feet were still wet and our hotel room wasn’t ready. We got our resupply taken care of and finally checked in to the hotel, dried off, and took a hot shower. Once laundry was done we got a ride from a trail angel to an outfitter so Piñata and Yoda could get an extra top layer. We finished off the evening with television and pizza delivery!

Day 112: 21 Miles

We got a ride from a trail angel back to the trail around 11:30 this morning. Although the forecast said the weather would improve, it was still cold, foggy and overcast all day.

We walked among the cows for a good chunk of the day today, and we got on the wrong path for a little bit, making it a pretty standard CDT kind of day.

In the evening Z caught up with us, and we spent the evening catching up. It feels like it’s going to be a chilly night again tonight, but it’s supposed to warm up tomorrow.