CDT Days 113-114: Riddling our Way Toward Lincoln

Day 113: 31 Miles

It was a cold night last night. It didn’t rain, but the air was wet and chilly, and everything was damp with condensation this morning. We started hiking with all our layers on, but as the sun finally peered out we warmed up, and were able to dry out the wet gear.

Water sources are spread out and off trail through this section, so our mileage today was dictated by water. While there was some trail, we also had a lot of dirt road walks. We passed through the area that was just recently reopened after a fire closure, and there were still a lot of firefighters going back and forth. We also passed very close to the area Ted Kaczynsky (aka “the Unabomber”) lived, although his cabin is no longer there.

Yoda downloaded some situational riddles, and we passed the time on the roads working through them. The riddles give a sequence of events that seems absurd, then we can ask yes or no questions to try and figure out the context that led to the events. It was a fun way to pass the time.

Day 114: 13 Miles

It was a town day today, and a warmer morning than the past few days, so waking up was pretty easy today.

The day reminded me of Colorado. We went up and down along the ridgeline of the mountains, just above the treeline and getting blasted by an unrelenting wind.

There was a surprising amount of uphill for a day going into town, but we finally descended to Rogers Pass and got a hitch into town before too long. We took care of the usual town chores and ate lots of food and ice cream. Just two more town stops before Canada.