Tahoe Rim Trail: Day 6

Day 6: 25 Miles

What a great day we had today. Last night was warmer than the previous nights we’ve had on trail, so the warm(ish) morning and thought of hot coffee and breakfast got us up early and into town by 7:30. We ate breakfast burritos and charged our phones and got out of town by about 10:00. The day was warm and we were feeling great. This might have been the first day we broke a sweat. The scenery got a little nicer today too, as we got closer to the PCT and the Desolation Wilderness. Eventually we joined the PCT, and left the mountain bikes behind. We want to enjoy Desolation tomorrow and take our time, and since we felt good today we pushed a few extra miles so we only need to do 20 tomorrow to camp at Lake Aloha. Tonight we are camped near a lake, and it is even warmer than last night. We’re both feeling great, even though Paul got stung by a yellow jacket.