Days 132 & 133: Nero & Zero in Manchester

We had a chilly morning yesterday! We hiked a bit over 5 miles into Manchester Center, VT. We got some Thai Food, hit the grocery store, and stayed at the Green Mountain House Hiker Hostel. We got to use the full kitchen, and made a big dinner for everyone, watched some Olympics, ate some ice cream, and did our laundry. They even have loaner clothes for the hikers. We ran into some friends we’ve been leapfrogging with, and met a few new hikers as well. Paul’s phone broke almost 2 weeks ago, and I shattered my screen twice, so we ordered new phones and had shipped them here. New phones are always fun📱📱.

We had a big week last week and decided we wanted a full zero day, so today we got a ride back into town and got a motel room for the night. Paul and I are in one room and 3 friends next door, with a door connecting our rooms. No alcohol allowed at the hostel, so tonight we got some local beer to enjoy at the motel. There’s a pool here too!