Day 154: Views

To make up for yesterday, the sun came back out today and the clouds cleared out. We had a steep climb first thing in the morning up South Twin Mountain, but the views were awesome. No wind! We got a glimpse of the ridge we went over yesterday in the clouds, and views to Mount Washington up ahead. The terrain also got much easier for most of the day, and we made pretty good time, getting in 14.7 miles by 5pm. In The White Mountains, the Appalachian Mountain Club maintains huts along the trail that cost a lot of money to stay in (and advance reservations), but they do have bowls of soup for $2, so we stopped at one of the huts for lunch today. The shelters and campgrounds here are also maintained by caretakers, so there are fees at every one. We avoid the fees by stealth camping, by following the regulations (away from the trail, no fires, not too close to water sources and not above treeline). It requires a little extra planning in this terrain but it also allows for a little more solitude than usual for the AT and that has been nice.