Day 156: Mount Washington

We woke up this morning in the clouds. The hut crew fed us breakfast, another unexpected surprise. We left around 8 to hike the remaining 1.6 miles up to the summit, still in the clouds with a bit of wind and plenty of wet rocks. We made it to the top in about an hour, and stayed there for another hoping it would clear up and/or warm up. It never did, so we moved on toward Mount Madison. We hiked above the treeline for most of the day, over what was mostly just huge piles of rocks. The sky did clear up, and we got great views, but the going was very slow and tough on the body. We spent the afternoon dropping down in elevation, descending almost 4,000 feet. We’re exhausted and sore, done with the Presidentials and moving on to the Wildcat Ridge tomorrow. Just a couple more days in The White Mountains.