CDT Day 8: 25 Miles into Silver City

It was a long day today. We got up early and hiked pretty quickly to try and make it to water before it got too hot. We each had a liter to get us there and were all feeling a little dehydrated. We made it by 8:30, took a short break in the shade and walked 3 miles to the next water source, where we took a long break in the shade.

It was still early and we were feeling good, so we decided to push all the way to town, 15 more miles ahead. We continued on until the trail met up with the highway which we had to follow into town. The day got hotter, the shade got sparser, and the pavement made our feet more tired than usual. Our morale too a dive pretty fast.

We took a long break during the hottest part of the day before pushing the last 7 miles to town. We were so exhausted heading into Silver City in the evening, but were lucky to pass by a Blake’s Lotaburger on the way to the RV park. We stopped in for a meal and our spirits were immediately lifted.

From there we set up our tent at the RV park, took showers and got ready for bed. We’ve got some town chores to do tomorrow, but for now it’s time to relax.