CDT Days 9-10: The Gila River

Day 9: 12 Miles

We woke up at the RV park, had coffee and showers, did laundry, and inventoried our food. We headed out for breakfast and then shopping for resupply. It was another hot day, but at least this next stretch has some water. We left town in the afternoon and hiked along a dirt road that got crazier and crazier the father along we went. It was hard on the feet, but at least we had some shade.

After 12 miles we hit a water source and decided to camp for the evening. We are on the Gila River Alternate, and should hit the river tomorrow.

Day 10: 21 Miles

We had a lovely morning this morning, walking through the shade and finally on actual trail rather than dirt roads. Still, we had some steep ascents and descents before getting to the Gila River about 15 miles in.

The river is awesome! It’s the first flowing water we’ve had on trail, and the trail crosses back and forth countless times. We stopped to swim in the afternoon before hiking a few more miles to camp. We still have daylight left, but our bodies are still adjusting back to hiking all day, so it feels good to stop early and enjoy our new atmosphere.