CDT Days 122-124: Glacier National Park

Day 122: 16 Miles

Today was great. Piñata and Yoda got up early and went down to the ranger office to be there when they opened. They returned with our permits and itinerary for the final section of trail. It worked out so that we only could do 14 miles today, 25 tomorrow, followed by 23 and 19. It’s a day later than we planned but it means we get to slow down and enjoy the park.

Fortunately, skies are clear and the views have been great. Since it was a short day, we decided to take an alternate route that added a couple miles but offered more views. It was extremely windy, but still enjoyable. I think we’re both a lot more comfortable with wind and exposure than we used to be.

Tons of hikers were out today, we saw Bighorn Sheep, and had many incredible views.

We even packed out hot dogs for dinner. It’s windy at camp, and fortunately we’re in the trees tonight.

Day 123: 25 Miles

Such amazing scenery in Glacier today. We started with a cloudy and windy climb over Triple Divide Pass, which separates 3 watersheds draining to the Hudson Bay, Atlantic Ocean, and Pacific Ocean.

The mountains surrounding the pass were incredible, and the views as we climbed just got better.

From there we descended and had a mostly flat day of walking through the backcountry, surrounded by towering peaks in all directions. The weather improved throughout the day, so hopefully we will have even less wind tomorrow.

We got to camp early tonight and built a campfire to roast the rest of the hot dogs and marshmallows we packed out. It was a great feast.

Day 124: 23 Miles

We tried to sleep in today, much to the frustrations of an antsy Piñata, but we were still hiking before 8:00. This morning we climbed over Piegan Pass, with clear skies and spectacular views of the mountains and glaciers surrounding us.

We descended into Many Glacier for hot lunch and a few more snacks. The frontcountry is busy here, and there were cars and people all over the place.

We enjoyed the stunning views over Swiftcurrent Lake before hitting the trail for the final few miles of the day.

We got to a crowded campsite and ate food for probably a few hours before we went to bed for the night. We’re all cowboy camped tonight, with just 19 miles to the border tomorrow. Piñata is under strict orders that he can’t start getting ready in the morning until Yoda and I are awake and give him approval!