Updates and Preparations

2017 is here.  New year, new trail!  We are making plans to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  The PCT runs 2,650 miles from the Mexico border to the Canada border through California, Oregon and Washington.  We will hike through the desert, the high Sierra, and the Cascade range.  We are making a few gear changes and preparing slightly differently than we did for the AT, so we will be posting updates as we make preparations.  Despite being a longer hike, the PCT as a whole has fewer total elevation changes than the AT, so hikers generally take about a month less to complete this trail than the AT.  (Weather extremes in the desert and the Cascades also make the time frame less forgiving).  From the long green tunnel of the East coast, to the wide open spaces of the West, we are excited to see some new and awesome scenery.  Depending on snow conditions this winter, we expect to hit the trail in late April or early May.